mink lashes

Help For Tiny mink lashes

Help For Tiny mink lashes

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your mink lashes are the shutters that surround them.(click the web buy mink lashes makes your face more shiny ) mink lashes, like all our body parts, serve a purpose.


mink lashes are there to protect our sensitive eyes from dust and debris. They flicker quite naturally throughout our day and keep the contaminants away from our eyes. If it weren't for mink lashes, we'd never be able to walk through a dusty construction sight or go outside on a windy day. The dirt and dust in the air would cover our eyes quickly and we wouldn't be able to see.


Much like nice shutters can dress up a window, mink lashes also add to the esthetic appeal of our eyes. Unfortunately, we were not all born with beautiful mink lashes.


There are many things you can do to glamourize your lashes and give them more depth and volume. Mascara, is of-course on of the quickest and tried and true products we can use. However, if you're truly unhappy with tiny mink lashes, try making them bigger.


False mink lashes have been around for ages. You can have them done professionally or buy a kit for use at home. They are simple and rather easy to apply, and instantly increase your mink lashes. Home eyelash kits won't be as durable or last as long as the ones you have done professionally, but it's a good way to experiment with different length or looks for your mink lashes. Once you've decided you like the look of false mink lashes, you can then invest in visiting a beauty shop for a professional set of false lashes.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website [misenlashes] )

Another solution for little lashes is growing them bigger. Yes, mink lashes can grow, just like your hair and fingernails. Due to the nature of lashes, however, they often don't get the growth nutrients they need as its absorbed by other parts of the body. Therefore, if you wish to encourage natural growth of your lashes, you'll need to get a good eyelash conditioner.


Eyelash conditioners, when used daily, offer much needed nutrients and hydration to the often neglected lashes. This stimulates and promotes growth as well as strengthens the lash to prevent future breakage or falling out.


Whether you choose to buy your lashes or grow your own, you can easily make tiny mink lashes a thing of the past.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website http://www.misenlashes.com )

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Tips For Beautiful mink lashes

Tips For Beautiful mink lashes

Don't want to use harsh adhesives with false lashes or lash extensions on your delicate mink lashes?(click the web buy mink lashes makes your face more shiny ) How is a girl to get longer, fuller, darker lashes naturally? Read on:


Invest in a quality mink lashes curler. Using an mink lashes curler before applying mascara makes lashes more visible and gives a longer appearance.

Be sure not to clamp down too tightly as to "cut" lashes.

Always curl BEFORE applying mascara.

Keep curler clean. Wipe down after each application.

Use a mink lashes separator after applying mascara to remove clumps and improve appearance of lashes. DO NOT USE A SAFETY PIN. This is very dangerous and not as effective as separator brushes specifically designed for this purpose. mink lashes separator brushes are inexpensive and can readily be found in the drug store.


Remove all makeup thoroughly each night before bed. Makeup can be drying. By removing makeup each night before bed prevents the lashes from becoming too dry and brittle which will cause breakage.

While removing eye makeup use an eye-makeup-remover designed especially for the delicate eye area.

Remove makeup with a gentle touch, so you do not pull or damage the delicate skin in the eye contour area.

Condition lashes nightly before bed.

Using an mink lashes conditioning serum hydrates the delicate mink lashes from becoming brittle, damaged and broken. Look for one that is clinically tested and formulated with ingredients that promote hair growth.

Diet and supplements.

Eat foods like avocado that are known for yielding healthy hair, skin and nails.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website [annasuilashes] )

Take a vitamin supplement like Biotin also well known for its hair growth properties.

Do not wear waterproof mascara daily.

Unless you are a marathon swimmer there is no need to wear a waterproof mascara daily. These types of mascara are clumpier and more drying to your lashes, also making them more difficult to remove and thereby more likely to damage and break your lashes.

Do not apply too many coats of mascara.

Two coats of mascara should do the trick. Additional product is just too drying without any real benefit. Too many coats of mascara yield the Tammy Fay Baker effect - simply NOT flattering!

Proper application for best long lash look is as follows:

Curl lashes at base on clean lashes.


Apply one thin coat of brown mascara on full lashes. Let dry.


Apply a second cost of black mascara on top half of lashes only. This gives the lashes a longer appearance - you will love the results.


Rule of thumb: black lengthens, brown thickens.

Toss mascara tube after 3 months.

Mascara does not have a long shelf life. The constant push of the wand in and out of the tube exposes the product to bacteria which over time can produce infections.

Drug store bran mascara's are often of high quality and you won't mind tossing the tube after 3 months even if there is more product left. For the health of your delicate eyes this point isn't negotiable.

False mink lashes and mink lashes extensions are applied with glues that are drying to your natural lashes, making them susceptible to damage and breaking. Save Falsies for only special occasions.


Be wary of home treatments. Some well intentioned friends may advise using petroleum jelly, castor or olive oil or even glycerin. Remember we are talking about the delicate eye area. Eyes are extremely sensitive and prone to infection when exposed to bacteria and dirt.

Unless you are using a brand new bottle of said home remedy with an applicator for your eyes and only use this one bottle only for your eyes you are taking a BIG risk of exposing your eyes to infection and damage.

Fortunately today there are many mink lashes serums available specifically formulated for mink lashes growth. Be sure to purchase one that has been clinically tested and dermatologist approved for the eye area. Lash Relonge  is formulated with time proven hydrating and hair growth enhancing natural ingredients. Lash Relonge' is clinically tested by independent laboratory, AMA Labs, and formulated specifically for delicate eyes. Safe and effective.


Jennifer Hughs is the pen name for the health and lifestyles writer who is compensated by Value Marketing, Inc. d/b/a Lab88.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website http://www.annasuilashes.com ) The author has 20+ years in the cosmetic and health industries and has worked with leading beauty and health publications.





Make mink lashes Grow - 5 Mistakes That Kill Eyelash Growth

Make mink lashes Grow - 5 Mistakes That Kill Eyelash Growth

If you really want to make your mink lashes grow, you first need to take care of them.(click the web buy mink lashes makes your face more shiny ) There are so many ways to damage your lashes and not even notice it. These are the 5 most common mistakes that cause mink lashes to fall out.


  1. Going to sleep with eye makeup on. Fine, I'll be the first to admit to this one. I forgot to take off my mascara only to find some of my mink lashesfell out (more like ripped out!) and were strewn across my pillow. I've learned my lesson the hard way, so you don't have to. Be sure to take off your mascara and always moisturize - which brings us to the next lash-lethal mistake.


  1. Forgetting to use moisturizers. mink lashesare like skin; they dry out if you don't moisturize them. Many makeup removers out there dry out lashes by stripping them of their natural oils. This leaves them brittle and more likely to fall out. That's why it's always important to put cream on your lashes after taking off makeup or washing your face. On a side note, face creams that have vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A are not only good for your skin, but they're great for your lashes.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website [celinelashes] )


  1. Wearing false mink lashes. False lashes are glued on directly above the mink lashes. When you peel off the false mink lashesthe glue will, more often than not, rip out a few of your natural lashes. If at all possible, save false mink lashesfor a special occasion. Although, the best way to make mink lashes grow is to avoid using them altogether.


  1. Rubbing your eyes. This might sound obvious, but you'd surprised by how many women do this without realizing it. It's one of the most common reasons why mink lashesfall out. You might not notice it because it feels so natural, especially if you did it as a kid. If you want to make your mink lashesgrow, don't rub your eyes. The less you touch your mink lashes, the stronger they'll grow.


  1. Not eating enough nutrition. Your body needs vitamins and minerals. This especially true if you're trying to grow longer mink lashes. Eat enough fruits and veggies high in vitamin C, A and E. (the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website http://www.celinelashes.com)Also, calcium and magnesium help to make mink lashesgrow longer by increasing the growth rate within the follicles.



The Facts About Eyelash Treatment

The Facts About Eyelash Treatment

We all want to look our best and feel confident.(click the web buy mink lashes makes your face more shiny )From the single and searching to the happily married among us, everyone wants to feel good about the way he or she looks.


For women, this often means applying mascara and curling our mink lashes to accomplish that sultry look we see when our favorite starlets take the stage or hit the red carpet. Achieving long, thick, dark mink lashes isn't always easy, though. Women who have naturally thin, pale mink lashes are often left feeling inferior to those with naturally long, thick lashes.


It doesn't have to be this way, though. Many different treatments can enhance one's mink lashes and achieve that perfect sultry look. From elaborate eyelash extensions to fun, festive false lashes, women have plenty of choices when it comes to eyelash enhancements.


Eyelash Treatment Options


Eyelash Extensions - With eyelash extensions, a professional beauty technician applies thread-like materials made from synthetic single-fiber polyester to individual mink lashes. These lashes are similar to false mink lashes, but they last longer and achieve a much fuller look. This is a great beauty trick for ladies with weddings and/or other big events coming up.


Eyelash Tinting - If you're more worried about the color of your mink lashes than the length or thickness, eyelash tinting is a great option. Professional beauty technicians use a treatment very similar to hair coloring to temporarily change the hue of your mink lashes. You may go for a classic shade, like jet black or dark brown, or perhaps something funkier, like purple or blue.


Eyelash Perms - If you have long mink lashes already and simply want to create a more dramatic look, you can have your mink lashes permed. In this technique, the mink lashes you already have are curled to look thicker and more luxurious. This technique is often performed in conjunction with eyelash tinting at a salon.


False mink lashes - You can purchase false mink lashes at any drugstore or have them applied at your favorite cosmetics counter. There are also shops and salons that will apply them for you. With false mink lashes, glue is used to bond the row of fake lashes to the base of your natural lash line. You simply peel them off when you're done. Some are reusable, but you definitely want to go with higher-quality products if you're going to use them frequently. An added bonus of this option is that false lashes sometimes come with small rhinestones, glitter, feathers or other enhancements, for an extra-flirty or dramatic flair.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website [johnsonlashes] )

Looking to start career in cosmetology? Visit Cosmetology SchoolsU.com to browse top cosmetology schools  which are offering popular cosmetology programs  in United States.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website http://www.johnsonlashes.com ) Choose best program for you and start your path to a rewarding career.


Great Looks With Metallic Color Eye Shadow

Great Looks With Metallic Color Eye Shadow

A great way to dress up your mink lashes is with a metallic color shadow.(click the web buy mink lashes makes your face more shiny ) Some of the more popular metallic shades include: cool silver, warm gold, shimmering bronze and copper. You will also see blue, green and gray metallic hues, too. Don't be afraid to try these colors!. You may even see sets and compacts featuring a few complimentary colors of metallic shades that you can mix and match for the desired look - gorgeous! This metal look has become all the rage with celebrities and fashionistas alike, and you will want to wear this look at least once to see how many heads you will turn when you walk into the room.


You can apply these shadows in the same way you apply your other colors, but the look of these shimmery and shiny shadows is really stunning. To help you achieve the metal look, here are some simple steps to get a great look with a gold-toned metallic shadow.


To start, apply a beige liquid shadow over your eye area, or you can use a primer-concealer product made specifically for the mink lashes. Not only will this create a neutral canvas for your shadow, it will also cover any discoloration you may have in the area. If you use the liquid shadow, blot the excess with a tissue and allow the area to set and dry completely.


Next, take your large eye shadow brush and brush your shadow on to your eye, starting in the center of the eye and extending from crease to lash line. Pull the shadow out to a point on the outside corner of each eye. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can find "how to" videos explaining this application technique online.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website [illumelashes] )

Apply a very thin line of brown or bronze eyeliner to your upper and lower lashes. For night time wear, you can add some gold liner to the lower lash line for some extra pop. Wow! So pretty!


Finish the look off with a couple of coats of volumizing mascara. If you want to go really big and call attention to your mink lashes, you can apply false eyelashes to really glam up the look for a special event or night out. False lashes are available as a whole row of lashes or as individual lashes you can place where needed. You can line the lower inside rims of your mink lashes with a white pencil to make your mink lashes look larger to finish off this gorgeous look! Hello, gorgeous!


The next time you are shopping for makeup, look for these metallic shadows. Try a few different colors and create a stunning look that will bring your mink lashes center stage. Life is too short to wear the same color eye shadow all time!


Barbara Maynard Huffman realized her dream of opening her own cosmetics company in 2001. Southern Magnolia Minerals is a family owned and operated business with two primary goals: producing the best mineral makeup available and providing outstanding customer service.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website http://www.illumelashes.com ) Find us on Facebook by searching SMM Cosmetics Sign up for the newsletter and receive 25% of your first order!




Longer mink lashes - Top 4 Methods

Longer mink lashes - Top 4 Methods

Women for a very long time have had to overcome not being blessed with long, thick, and glamorous mink lashes.(click the web buy mink lashes makes your face more shiny ) They instead have short and thin mink lashes that only get to be more of a problem as they grow older. For several years now the business of having longer mink lashes has grown into the multibillion dollar per year business that is today. With several choices available today, do you really know which way is the most effective?


False Lashes

Before the recent advances in other products, false lashes were considered the best way to achieve the appearance of long thick mink lashes. They were rather cheap in price and they do look fairly good. The high end ones put on in expensive salons and the cheap ones from discount stores have the same problem, they fall out rather easily. The glue on them also does not do any good to the existing natural eyelash. It can damage and cause the natural eyelash to fall out when the false lash is removed.



The staple of every girls pocketbook, mascaras are an extremely popular product. You will be hard pressed to find a make-up company that does not offer a mascara, they are everywhere. And just like all other product lines there are good ones and bad ones. They all are a temporary for achieving the look of longer mink lashes, you know this. Maybe you did not know however that the popular waterproof mascaras can also do some damage to your natural mink lashes. It is very common for women to lose an eyelash or two when removing waterproof mascara.



A rather recent advancement and the most expensive is that of eyelash extensions. The top brands of extensions cost over $500 a set putting them out of reach for most women, even more so that they only last about 4 months. They do look great though; top celebrities use them on a regular basis with changing looks in appearance.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website [maquillagelashes] )


Eyelash Conditioners

The latest of the enhancements these have become very popular in the last couple of years. They work by an application of natural moisturizers and minerals directly to your natural mink lashes. This causes the eyelash to actually grow and become longer and thicker on its own when applied daily. The new growth is evident anytime between 2 to 4 weeks in most women.


The Winner Is

These are by far the most popular eyelash treatments today, but only one of them actually is causing your natural mink lashes to become longer on their own. The eyelash conditioner is today a proven product to do what nature does not do for most women, provide them with naturally longer mink lashes. For women that would like to try one of these products, a company called Idol Lash is making available for a limited time a special offer.


You can go to the Health & Beauty  Product Guide where you will be able to use a special link to the offer, the link will say, CLAIM  Your Package Today! Go check it out and then submit your testimony directly to the company about the results you got in 4 weeks.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website http://www.maquillagelashes.com  ) I have yet to find anyone who has tried this and it did not work for them.





How To Improve Your mink lashes

How To Improve Your mink lashes

Did you ever look in the mirror and wonder why your mink lashes don't have the long and thick flutter so often associated with the feminine allure?(click the web buy mink lashes makes your face more shiny )

We often see babies with envious long mink lashes, yet as we grow older, our mink lashes don't quite measure up anymore. Part of it is just genetics, part of it is the natural aging process. Fortunately, we have some methods to keep our lashes looking long and dazzling.


Mascara is a great way to increase the look of your lashes. While it may not actually make them longer, a nice bold mascara makes your mink lashes stand out. Quite often, mink lashes are only lacking the colour needed to give them a boost. Mascara is available in a multitude of colours and its a fun way to boost the appearance of your mink lashes.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website [covergirllashes] )

You can also apply false mink lashes. These have been used by movie starlets for decades to give their mink lashes more presence on the big screen. False mink lashes have a great look, however, they do have a tendency to fall out. They also pull and can break your natural lashes, and the glue is not the healthiest thing to apply around your eyes. However, if you want a quick eyelash glam up for a cocktail party, false mink lashes work well.


A step above the standard false mink lashes, you can now get extensions for your lashes. While they are quite expensive, they outperform false lashes for durability and adhesiveness. Unlike false lashes, extensions will actually last several months. Extensions have become the popular alternative to false lashes among today's celebrities.


If you really want a permanent increase in the length of your mink lashes, the best plan is to grow your natural lashes longer. Eyelash conditioners have shown proven results to help your lashes grow in a few short weeks. They contain moisturizers and nutrients to help keep your lashes in great shape and encourage natural growth. Used on a daily basis, an eyelash conditioner will give you the long and envious mink lashes you are striving for.(the use of a good quality mink lashes can create beautiful looking eyes enhance your looks. Check out my mink lashes wholesale website http://www.covergirllashes.com )

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The Big Secret to Great Dance mink lashes

The Big Secret to Great Dance mink lashes

Do you want large, beautiful, expressive mink lashes?(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) When applying makeup for dance, or any other live performance, your emotion is expressed through your mink lashes. Let your glowing performance shine even brighter with well applied dance makeup!


When applying makeup for dance performances, dancers should wear liner, false eyelashes and mascara.


First, let's focus on EYELINER!


  • Apply your eye shadows first in the pattern you love


  • Upper lash line: Black liquid liner (waterproof)


  • Inside lower lash line: White Highlighter pencil


  • Lower lash line: Use a dark brown mineral eye shadow color as a liner


  • You can do a tiny "wing" on the upper lash line with your liquid liner. This is to indicate the "last eyelash" - but no more than a quarter of an inch or so.(click the web : [laneigelashes] to order best quality 3d mink lashes )


  • Avoid making long stripes with your eye liner that go all the way to the temples. Avoid connecting the lower lash line to the upper lash line, leave a space between them (no "fishtails", please) and use white highlighter pencil in between. This will make the mink lasheslook bigger, brighter and more open.


  • When applying makeup for dance, DON'T use black liquid eyeliner under the mink lashes! Too much and too messy! If you must, use an eye pencil.


  • Also, don't use black liner on the inside lower lid of the eye - it will make the mink lasheslook small on stage.


Next, apply the FALSE LASHES!


  • If false eye lashes aren't currently part of your routine because you find them difficult to apply or uncomfortable to wear, don't give up on them! Do use them, as they enhance the shape of your mink lasheson stage and are an integral part of makeup for dance. It just takes practice!


  • Dancers wear false lashes because on stage we are always trying to make the mink lasheslook bigger. We want to naturally enhance the existing lash line with false lashes because they give the mink lashesa pretty almond-y shape. Great false lashes, properly sized and/or trimmed, and properly applied do just that. This type of look is perfect for dance makeup, but is also easily modified for other theatrical occasions, including acting on film and even just a glamorous look for a special night out.


  • Avoid lashes that are too thick in the center of the band. They make the mink lasheslook heavy and sleepy or even closed when you are dancing on stage! You want the lashes to start shorter in the center and get longer as they go to the outer corner of the eye. Half or "demi" lashes are great because they are easy to apply, do not need to be trimmed, look stunning, and can hardly be felt on the mink lashes.


Time for the MASCARA!


  • YES, you need mascara even if you have false lashes on - two coats! This will bind the false lashes to the real lashes and remove the bits of powdered eye shadow that have fallen on the eyelashes.


  • Make sure your lashes are secure first! Leave them alone to dry before going onto the next step of your dance makeup.


  • I recommend water-resistant mascara as opposed to waterproof mascara because it is gentler on the sensitive eye area and can also be easily reapplied. Most waterproof mascaras are quite clumpy and feel like glue on the lashes. Waterproof mascara is also clumpy on false lashes and can collect lots of "gunk" on them - your lashes will not last as long.


Get ready to apply your dance makeup like a pro! You just have to remember these three MUST HAVES for your mink lashes: liner, lashes, and mascara! These three things will get you big, beautiful mink lashes!


Jessica Dupont Michaels is a former Professional NYC Dancer and Makeup Artist.(click the web : http://www.laneigelashes.com to order best quality 3d mink lashes )  She owns JAM cosmetics, which is a line of ULTIMATE makeup for dance and cheer. Find out 4 secrets the pro's use AND 3 things you NEED TO KNOW to look gorgeous and stand out from the crowd, by getting Jessica's free dance makeup e-Guide

mink lashes Extensions Laws

mink lashes Extensions Laws

mink lashes Extensions Laws (if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale)


Have you been thinking about getting certified to do lashes and are wondering what the laws are in your state? Did you know that in many states, it's illegal to apply false mink lasheses without a license? Recently, the lash industry has flourished with stores, as well as boutiques popping up all over. It's literally a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow.


In the past, makeup artists could apply mink lashes extensions to customers without having to worry about needing a licence. Unfortunately, that's all changed. There is a lot of misinformation out there about what the law is to apply mink lashes extensions. Make sure to get the facts first.


How do I learn about the laws for applying mink lashes extensions in my state?


Nearly every state has a Department of Professional Regulations. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on getting certified, check your state's requirements. For example, The mink lashes Extensions Laws IL makes it clear that only licensed estiticians and cosmetologist can do lashes. Many other jurisdictions have also beefed up their rules. In Texas, you must go to a certified mink lashes extension training program before being permitted to work. Yes, this includes an exam.


mink lashes Training Certification Scams


There are many mink lashes training schools which neglect to tell potential students that they should be licensed. They simply tell people to check with their state after they have paid for a workshop. Sadly, there are a lot of well intended makeup artists who wind up getting fined by the regulations board because a fly by night lash training program did not give the right information. There are however a lot of very good mink lashes extension training programs. Just take the time to do a little research before jumping in. Nail salons are also under scrutiny. A licensed nail technician is not legally able to apply lashes most of the 50 states.


Why should you need licenes to do mink lasheses?(click the web : [wellalashes] to order best quality 3d mink lashes )


Applying mink lashes extensions requires the highest level of sanitation, skill and care. Would you really want someone working around sensitive areas of the skin and eyes without having had the utmost training? individual mink lasheses are normally applied lash by lash, with various glues. If not placed on natural lashes correctly, lash adhesive can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. Getting false lashes isn't dangerous. In fact, visiting most mink lashes salons can be a great experience. You just want to make sure that your providing the safest services possible without the risk of getting in trouble.


If you are considering doing lashes, check the State Laws where you live and make sure you know what's involved.(click the web : http://www.wellalashes.com to order best quality 3d mink lashes )

Georgio Sasso is a beauty consultant and provides useful information to professionals.



Getting Married Soon? Six Makeup Tips for the Bride

Getting Married Soon? Six Makeup Tips for the Bride

Like all major events in our lives some need a bit more planning than others.(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) We all know that getting married is one of the biggest events in a woman's life. The worse thing you would want is your eye makeup not holding up, wearing too much or not enough, doesn't work with your dress etc. Note not everyone wears white when they get married these days.


Here are a few tips to think about when planning your wedding eye makeup.


Once you have picked out your dress, is now the time to decide on how you are doing to do your makeup. You can have a makeup professional do it which can be costly, especially if you are paying for yourself and as well as your bridesmaids, and your mom to name a few. Or to save yourself money you can do it yourself which is something lots of brides are doing.(click the web : [rolexlashes] to order best quality 3d mink lashes )


Remember most of all your makeup is meant to be subtle, and unobtrusive, not overdone and in a few years look really outdated. ( Look at your mom's wedding photos to see why.) Also think about the time of year your wedding is going to be held, summer makeup is not the same as indoors winter makeup would be.


Your makeup can't be something you decide last minute, it really needs to be planned as far as ahead as getting your dress does, deciding what color your bridesmaids dresses will be etc.


First thing to do is to look through all the bride's magazines and beauty magazines to find a look that you like. You will want to choose a set of eye shadows in colors that enhances your eyes in the shades that will go with your dress as well as works with your skin-tone.


For your eyes neutral eye shadow colors are the best choices to go with. Especially since neutral eye shadows will work pretty much with anyone skin-tone. Now is not the time to try the latest bold, outgoing eye shadows when you want your eye makeup to complete your whole look not take away from it.


Choose three eye shadows shades in neutral browns to bring out your eyes. Stay away from applying liquid or gel eyeliner unless you are well practiced at it. Using pencil eyeliner that can be smudged at the eyelash base will look more natural as well as enhance the look of your eyelashes. You may also want to look into eyelash extensions if you can afford them, if not Magic Lash is a great product to enhance your lashes. Magic Lash is really easy to apply and affordable. Or you can go with false lashes if you know what you are doing with them. Best thing to do is to experiment with a few different ways to see what you like best.


When you apply your mascara, unless you really need it do not apply it on your bottom lashes. It can smudge through the day with the tears of joy that might happen. Even though you maybe not wear water-proof mascara, your wedding day might be a day to do so. If you do decide to wear mascara on your bottom lashes, run a Q-Tip over the tips to remove any excess mascara.


There is just a few eye makeup tips that with planning can help make your wedding the best day of your life.


Copyright 2011 Kim Snyder is the owner of Overall Beauty, home of the Overall Beauty Minerals and Magic Lash the #1 Eyelash Enhancer for over 6 years.

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Various Eyelash Adhesive Choices

Various Eyelash Adhesive Choices

Do you have beautiful mink lashes?(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) Many women may not know how to answer this question because they have never really paid attention to their mink lashes. Even as all mink lashes are gorgeous, those that have longer, thicker, darker and curly eyelashes look spectacular. This is a common celebrity look but it does not mean that these rich and famous divas have the best eyelash breed. They apply artificial fibres using something called an eyelash adhesive.


This is a special product used to hold fake eyelashes in place. There are many types of glue products that come from various brands. As much as women have many options, they can easily pick a useless product. What this means is that not all of those adhesives really work for all users. Just as those products are different, women are as well. Some have a very sensitive skin, especially around the mink lashes and others have sick ones.


Even so, every woman who is willing to attract other people more to her mink lashes can wear fake extensions with the right bonding agent. Choosing the right one takes some sort of handwork, as a lady has to seek referrals in many ways. She could read online reviews, forum and blog comments, articles and other useful information. She can also solicit ideas from friends and family just to be able to pick the correct eyelash adhesive.(click the web : [shalimarlashes] to order best quality 3d mink lashes )


Even beauty therapists can be a source of advice and help. Many of the available products have the problem of producing fumes. The fumes are bad for people with sensitive mink lashes and skin, as they can easily cause irritation. Another common demerit that some of these items have is the fact that they contain harmful chemicals such as the formaldehyde. This substance, even the lowest concentration of it, could cause what doctors call contact dermatitis on a sensitive skin.


In addition, a number of glues are outright disappointments as far as making the replica eyelashes remain fixed. They can easily cause disappointments incase the fake beauty aids fall off in public. The best ones have to be very strong to an extent that they can hold a lash for even a month. Most of the items in the market are able to hold an eyelash for up to two weeks.


Any type of adhesive that might cause your eyelid to itch is not good for you. So, you may be best taking enough time to search the most reliable kind. Most of the available forms are extremely easy to use. First, you need to choose your favorite false lashes depending on the daily schedules. Then, buy some tweezers, as they would help you hold the eyelashes so you can apply glue. Next, wash your face with warm water and dry it with a clean dry towel.


Ensure that each eyelid is completely oil free and clean. Trim the length of the fake eyelashes until you achieve the appropriate one. Apply eyelash adhesive on the strip, wait for a few seconds and then place it as near to the source of the eyelash as possible. Next, press it in place for up to twenty seconds and then remove the tweezers. Open your eye and look at the mirror to see how it looks. If you are okay with it, go on and fix the other one.


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Top Tips For Gorgeous mink lashes

Top Tips For Gorgeous mink lashes

One of the first things we notice about someone is their mink lashes but making the most of this feature can be a tricky skill to master.(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) Luckily we have put together a list of tips to help you achieve gorgeous mink lashes!


Prepare. Apply a little light diffusing eye cream or concealer around the eye before applying your eye makeup, and finish with a light dusting of powder below the eye to catch any stray makeup which can then be removed easily by brushing away later.


Blend. Blending is so important when creating stunning eye makeup. Start with your base colour, which should be the lightest, and apply over the entire area, right up to the brow. Follow with your lid colour, then add the darkest colour to the outer corners, as close to the lash line as possible.


Colour. Use colours that compliment your eye colour and skin tone. Models Direct recommend trying golds and browns on blue mink lashes, teals or blues on brown mink lashes and purple or plum based tones on green mink lashes.


Shimmer? Shimmer is great on younger mink lashes but can highlight lines and wrinkles so the more mature lady should leave it alone.


Eye/lip rules. Stick with a nude lip gloss if you've created dramatic mink lashes, and likewise, if you are going for pillar box red lips keep the mink lashes simple. Never play up the lips and the mink lashes in the same look, it's overkill!


False lashes. False lashes are still a big look for 2010 so why not give them a try?(click the web : [calechelashes] to order best quality 3d mink lashes )

Curlers. Use lash curlers to widen the eye. Try gently heating your curlers with a hair dryer to make them more effective (always test temperature on the inside of your wrist before use). You can curl before or after applying mascara, as long as the mascara is dry.


Highlights. Try this trick to further widen the eye: A little dot of blended shimmer in the centre of the upper lid will make your mink lashes sparkle. You can use this trick even on more mature mink lashes as long as you don't spread the shimmer to far across the lid.


White. Use white eyeliner on the lower, inner lids to make your mink lashes appear larger.


Mascara. Remove any excess mascara by wiping the wand on a tissue prior to application, this will avoid clumping. Start as close to the root of the lash as possible and wiggle the wand through the lashes to the tips. This wiggling motion will help to separate your lashes and give an even coat.(click the web : http://www.calechelashes.com to order best quality 3d mink lashes )

Models Direct offer Help and advice to potential models and have almost 20 years experience in the industry...





3 Long-Lasting Beauty Treatments To Try

3 Long-Lasting Beauty Treatments To Try

Most women will admit that a little bit of make-up and some pampering can make a big difference when it comes to boosting both mood and self-esteem.(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) Although different individuals prefer different kinds of looks and wear varying amounts of make-up, there are many treatments available now to suit all tastes and budgets.


The rise of the semi permanent beauty treatment has brought a number of advantages to women who love to indulge in a bit of pampering, but do not necessarily have the time to go to the salon on a weekly basis to have their hair and nails done along with a number of other treatments.


Beauty therapists in many locations around the country are now offering a variety of these options to meet the needs of busy women; here are three long-lasting beauty treatments that are worth trying to save both time and money, and achieve incredible results.


The first long lasting treatment that is worth spending money on is the semi permanent lash extensions that are proving to be particularly popular, offered by many beauty therapists who have seen demand for this treatment rise among their clients.(click the web : [giannilashes] to order best quality 3d mink lashes )


Semi permanent lash extensions have the advantage of being applied by an expert so that they integrate seamlessly with natural eyelashes, and they can last for an exceptionally long period of time when applied with the strongest medical-grade glue on the market - even up to 8 weeks.


In general, however, these false lashes will need topping up every 4 weeks to account for new lash growth. Despite this, the results are impressive, with effects ranging from natural to theatrical all achievable in just 1 to 2 hours. Prices from some of the top beauty therapists start at only £25, making this an affordable luxury.


The second long-lasting beauty treatment - and one that is already particular in vogue at the moment - is hair extensions. When these are done well, they can last for an exceptionally long time and blend seamlessly into an individualistic style. The key therefore, is to find a good beauty therapist that uses the most up to date techniques.


Currently one of the most popular techniques when it comes to hair extensions is the micro-bead or micro-ring method, which is durable, comfortable and causes very little damage to the hair. These can last a lot longer than other hair extension techniques and are therefore ideal for those that do not have the time or budget for regular maintenance.


Finally, a third long lasting beauty treatment to try out is semi permanent make up such as eyebrow stenciling, lip liner, eye liner and lip color. For women who find themselves pressed for time to apply a full face of make up in the morning before they leave for work, these treatments can make a real difference.


Semi permanent makeup works by tattooing the face with a very thin needle, with many treatments on offer from beauty therapists being non-toxic and natural, and therefore hypoallergenic. Results can last for an exceptionally long time, even up to 18 months, which is perfect for those that want to enjoy adding lasting definition to their face.


Whether you opt for eyebrow shading or choose semi permanent eyelashes from beauty therapists, make sure you work with a technician that comes recommended and is skilled and trained in the work that they do.


As results can be very long lasting and treatments can be costly, it is best to go with a therapist that is able to ensure that you get the results that you want and the outcome that you are paying for.


The London Face is a team of skilled and certified eyelash technicians that believe thick, long and luscious eyelashes are worth specializing in! The company offers two semi-permanent treatments - Semi Permanent Eyelashes by Lash Perfect, and LVL Enhance Lash Lift by Nouveau Lashes - for those that haven't been naturally blessed with long, thick and curly lashes. In addition to natural lash enhancing treatments and silk and faux mink lashes, The London Face is also able to offer lash tinting. The entire team at The London Face is passionate about the work that they do, and their lash treatments have appeared in both Cosmopolitan and the Huffington Post.(click the web : http://www.giannilashes.com to order best quality 3d mink lashes )  Based in Ashington, The London Face also offers a mobile service throughout West Sussex. Find out more at:

How To Do Your Wedding Makeup

How To Do Your Wedding Makeup

It's traditional for brides to look for makeup artists to do their makeup; however, if you don't have money to hire an artist or you are uncomfortable when your makeup is done by someone else, you don't have to worry.(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) This is because you can apply makeup by yourself. To effectively do this you need to follow the following steps:


Step 1: Prepare the skin


Here you need to use an eye cream and face primer. The eye cream helps you to easily apply the under eye concealer while the primer helps you to improve you skin's texture for foundation application.


Step 2: Do your eyes


Before anything, you need to prepare your lids using a lid primer. Here you should apply a tight line color at the root of the mink lashes using an eyeliner sealer and stiff brush. For ideal results, you should ensure that the eye shadow that you use is pigment rich. To catch any falling eye shadow, you should use small amounts of powder.


Step 3: Do your cheeks


Here you need to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and then blend upward along your cheekbones. For ideal results, you should apply bronzer to the high plains of your face such as the jaw line and under the cheekbones. To give your cheekbones a chisel look you should apply light colored powder under the bronzer and blend.


Step 4: Do your lips


For a perfect look you need to do your lips. For a natural look, you should apply lip stain then finish with gloss. To mute the color of the stain as desired, you should add light color gloss. You should be cautious and avoid adding too much light color gloss.


Step 5: Do the mink lashes


If you don't have long eye mink lashes, you should consider applying false mink lashes. The good side with false mink lashes is that they aid in popping your eyes which is great for pictures. For a natural look, you should go for individual mink lashes.(click the web : oakleylashes to order best quality 3d mink lashes )

Here you should apply the individual mink lashes to the lash line alternating sizes then complete the look by applying a thin black liner on top in order to hide the roots of mink lashes.




These are the steps that you should follow for you to have a perfect look during your wedding. To get your skin hydrated, you should start preparing your skin several weeks before your wedding.(click here http://www.oakleylashes.com to see more what 3d mink lashes you prefer wanna learn ) For ideal results, you should ensure that you use the right tools.



How To Grow Long mink lashes

How To Grow Long mink lashes

What beautiful woman doesn't know the allure and magic of having beautiful long mink lashes and thick eye brows to frame her eyes?(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) But what can you do if nature only handed out to you short stubby lashes? Until now we accepted this unjust fate and did our best to enhance lashes with cosmetics. Would you believe it is now possible to grow longer, fuller, darker lashes naturally?


Eyelash growth serum and conditioners are relatively new. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon to rush products to market. Be cautious, however, since many of these same vendors do not list ingredients, provide information as to what the ingredients do to enhance lashes or provide clinical data. Yet for the companies that do - this is an excellent choice for women who want to have longer, fuller mink lashes.


One company has published that on average their testers have seen a 55% increase in lash length after using the growth serum for 4 weeks. Some testers have seen results even as high as 82% increase in lash length.


How does it work?(click the web : [armanilashes] to order best quality 3d mink lashes )


Simply apply a thin line, with the application wand, nightly to each upper eyelid at the lash line, as you would apply an eyeliner. Most women will begin to notice the appearance of thicker, fuller, longer lashes in 4-6 weeks time. Others may see results in as few as two weeks time.


Are the results permanent?


Results are not permanent. To maintain the appearance of the new longer lashes you must continue using the product at least 2-3 times weekly, after the initial month of nightly use.


Can you use mascara and or eyelash extensions with lash growth serum?


Most products claim you may. However, after 4 weeks as your natural lashes appear to grow longer and thicker, you will find yourself not wanting to use false lashes and less and less mascara too!


The best part about lash growth serum products?


They actually work. It is so wonderful to use a cosmetic product and truly see the benefit in just a few weeks time. I tested out some products...only ones that listed ingredients, provided information as to what the ingredients do to grow lashes and most importantly provided clinical data (check out review sites to guide you). My lashes are visibly longer and even rub against the lenses of my eyeglasses!


There are review sites that help you sort out the most reliable eyelash growth serum available. EyelashProductsReviewed.org is very helpful. Their highest rated product is Lash Relonge.


Jennifer Hughs is the pen name for the health and lifestyles writer who is compensated by Value Marketing, Inc. d/b/a Lab88.(click the web : http://www.armanilashes.com to order best quality 3d mink lashes )  The author has 20+ years in the cosmetic and health industries and has worked with leading beauty and health publications.



Eyelash Growth - Get The Beautiful Eyelashes That You Have Always Wanted!

Eyelash Growth - Get The Beautiful Eyelashes That You Have Always Wanted!

A lady's mink lashes can say a lot.(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) They are able to show her character, her thoughts as well as her life tale. Any time we speak to somebody, we often look at the individuals mink lashes to indicate our attentiveness and that we are tuning in. For a lady, having beautiful mink lashes is important and the desire for eye lash development solutions is in demand.


Idol Lash for Natural Elegance


There are some folks who would prefer to possess big mink lashes with lengthy eyelashes. For some other people today, larger mink lashes signify natural beauty. For those who have big mink lashes and decide to develop longer lashes could complete a lady's appearance.


For lash growth needs, this item is extremely recommended. It can make a lady develop lengthier eyelashes and make them thicker and fuller. In addition to that, it is very easy to apply and very affordable. Use it as if you are using regular mascara.


Who can benefit from Idol Lash?(click the web : [arpegelashes] to order best quality 3d mink lashes )


Idol Lash is going to deliver the results for ladies of any age. It promises one to develop lengthier lashes that will stay forever. All it requires is to be applied routinely and continuously following the instructions provided. After about 2 to 4 weeks, you will be able to view the effects.


When talking about eye lash development items, using Idol Lash can be much more beneficial for the person. Some other options are using mascara or false lashes. Both have the ability to help to make the eyelashes appear lengthier and fuller, but they're both temporary, expensive while having the propensity to become painful or run. Should you want to look just like a glamorous celebrity and choose to grow longer eyelashes, use Idol Lash.


Read my review of the top user-rated product on the market at eyelash growth  I've scoped out this company and they feature a no-questions asked guaranteed cancellation policy and you can choose to take advantage of either their free trial bottle offer, or you can place a full order with no strings attached.(click the web : http://www.arpegelashes.com to order best quality 3d mink lashes ) Learn more about Idol Lash, one of the best eyelash growth products on the net.